Can You Claim on Your Home Insurance for Fence Damage? 

Learn the rules about claiming for fence damage on your property Your home might be your castle, but the boundary fence is your front line. What does it mean for your insurance if your fence is damaged or destroyed?  This article prepares you mentally for the process should you need to claim.  Are fences covered […]

Mould: When Is It a Landlord or Tenant Problem or Both? 

Who’s responsible for dealing with mould issues? Landlords or tenants? Mould and dampness affect up to half of Australian homes. Could your investment property be one of them?  To grow, mould needs moisture, heat, darkness and poor airflow. It’s a year-round concern for landlords in Australia’s tropics. Elsewhere, mould can appear at any time if […]

How AI Is Shaking Up Insurance and What It Means for You

The rise of AI in insurance: What it delivers for policy-holders Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way insurance works. It’s part of the digitisation drive toreduce the sector’s dependence on manual processes. According to the professional services consultancy, McKinsey, AI uses computing to potentiallymimic the perceptions, reasoning, learning and problem-solving of the human mind.Already […]