Landlords Building
Bundle Insurance

Building insurance provides cover in addition to Landlords insurance to further protect the building from additional damage scenarios such as fire, storm, flood, water leaks, tenant damage and more. Building and Landlord cover does not have to be arranged with the same insurer; however, in the event of a claim, it can be easier to deal with one point of contact and insurer. You can reduce potential premiums and fees by bundling. Think of it as a full package deal.

Tips For Comparison

Not all policies are created equal. Our brochure is designed specifically to help you compare the features and benefits against other products in the market. Make sure to look out for rent default cover limits and policies that exclude tenant related damage.

Make a Plan

Do you know the difference between storm and flood cover? Australia is going through its wettest period ever recorded and appropriate insurance coverage could be a part of your plan for future events.

Tenant Troubles

Bad things could happen to good tenants. Accidental, Deliberate and Malicious damage can occur at any property at any time, no matter how good the tenant is. Does your policy include cover for ‘Accidental Damage’ caused by tenants? Sometimes it is optional.

What is covered?*

*Subject to flood mapping, policy terms and conditions, and to meeting the underwriting criteria. 

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