Landlords Insurance

Insurance is all about having the peace of mind that your most significant investment is protected. Maintain your rental income and make sure that unforeseen events don’t break the bank.

Loss of rent

Loss of rent due to rent/tenant default or loss of income from an insured event. Landlords Insurance assists in maintaining your income during unforeseen events such as your tenant leaving without notice or prevention of access to property due to damage.


Accidental, deliberate, and malicious damage can occur at any property at any time, no matter how good the tenant is. CoverWise can arrange cover in case of flood, fire, or the tenant simply forgetting to turn the taps off.

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Other features & benefits

You can be covered for the stuff you don’t even think of. Public liability, legal expenses, tax audits, and removal of goods are all included in the policy.

A wise choice for the smart investor

Take the first step in assisting to protect your future.